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THE STORY of Florence London

Florence was the name of the founders’ mom. Her name meant the lady of the lamp, and she was a healer and carer. Florence London strives to create products that provide healing in more than one way using natural and pure ingredients. Sourced directly from the source, our essential oils are 100% pure, steam distilled with no added ingredients. 


Why these candles are for you?

  • Hand poured in London using Aroma, Crystal and Angel Therapy
  • 100% Vegetable Soy Wax (properties: cooler burn pool, washable, great scent throw, green product – renewable, sustainable, biodegradable, and NOT from bees)
  • 100% Natural Scents mixed by our nose using 100% Essential oils
  • Each candle is energetically charged with crystal and angel therapy with guided messages printed on the back
  • Vegan, Kosher, Halaal, and NOT tested on animals
  • Contains NO Palm Wax, Petroleum, Pesticides, or animal products
  • Burn time approx 40 hours
  • Everything from the candle to vessel to the packaging can be reused and repurposed.
  • Please note that these candles are only hand poured when ordered and they take 72hours before they are sent to you.

How to order.

  • Go to the bookings page.

    1. To order a candle you need to go the the bookings page.

  • 2. Pay for your candle.

    Select a payment method that works for you.

  • 3. We confirm delivery dates and times.

    Once you have paid, we will be in touch to let you know when you will receive your candle.

What people have to say about our candles.

  • "Florence London candles are great they smell beautiful, are affordable for the quality, last a long time, and do not overwhelm you <3".

    Georgina Spiliopolous
    Georgina Spiliopolous Miss
  • "I loved the candles - very good quality and they made a difference to the ambience in my house"

    Nikola Dimov Mr.
  • "I love these candles. The soft gentle aroma and energy which they are charged with are really amazing and magical. You musty try one. Full five star"

    Aida Coertse
    Aida Coertse Miss
  • "Just love these candles! They seem to burn forever, ethically sound and have lovely, subtle essential oil aromas. Home feels empty without at least 1 on the burn".

    Greg Jacques
    Greg Jacques Mr
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