How do I prepare for my booked session?

  • Ahead of your session, please sit ten minutes with yourself and gather your thoughts.
  • Speak with your higher self, your guides, your angels, spirit or any other form of light being you work/ believe in.
  • If you are booking a Psychic Medium session, please speak with your loved ones in spirit and spirit. Let them know you are looking for their presence and guidance.


May I record the session?

  • You may record the session if permission is given. It may be used for personal use only and not for broadcast. This is a personal reading and must be used as for your personal journey only.
  • I highly recommend that you take notes rather than recordings as my sessions are about transformation and you will most likely have supporting guidance you need to put into action.


May I bring a friend?

  • No. Sessions are very personal, and you will not get the best of out of your reading if another person is present.


How are the readings conducted?

  • Telephone Readings
  • Skype Readings
  • Face to Face, at my place in Greenwich.
  • Email readings (on request). Please note email readings are for psychic work only.


Does it matter how the readings conducted?

  • No, the quality of the information is the same whether you come and see Skye in-person, or over the telephone/Skype.


How much does it cost?

  • Please take a look at my Services page on this website.


How often do I need to book a session?

  • It is best to book psychic medium sessions seasonally or every six months or when you have a specific question in mind.
  • If you want ongoing transformation, it is suggested you speak with Skye about his coaching program.


What is your refunds and cancellation policy?

  • This is highlighted in detail on the Booking Policy page. Please note that 72 hours cancellation notice is required for a full refund. When a session begins, you have five minutes to cancel to request a partial refund if you are not happy with the energy.


Why do I need to pay upfront for my session?

  • Skye Orca has many requests for bookings, so to secure bookings payment must be made upfront.


How do I pay for my session?

  • You need to book directly through the website. PayPal is the only payment method available. If you do not have PayPal, you may ask to do a bank deposit or transfer. For your booking to take place, full payment must be made 72 hours before you reading takes place. Please note that without payment your booking slot will be offered to another paying client.


Can a psychic provide Medical advice?

  • Psychics and Spirit may alert you to issues and give guidance during a session. This may by no means replace a qualified medical practitioners medical advice and care. All alternative healing practices offered must be in done in conjunction with your current medical care plan or guidance, and you must alert your medical practitioner if you will be doing any alternative healing practices first.


How do I prepare for Crystal Healing?

  • Before booking your session, you must have a clear intention that you would like to achieve from your crystal healing session. You will need to be open and discuss this in detail with Skye for the right crystals and grids to be used to offer you the crystal healing you need at that time.
  • You may feel warmth and relief during and after the session, and this is normal.
  • If Skye recommends that you purchase a crystal, this would add to your healing, but this is your choice and not essential to the healing session.


How do I prepare for space clearing?

  • Please clean your home/space. Throw away things that no longer serve you.
  • Please switch off the smoke alarm if possible, or alert Skye where these are so that they are not set off during the cleansing process.
  • There will be no fires, but it is always good to follow basic fire practices and keep a jug of water handy during the session.
  • You will need to have a broom available to sweet out after the cleansing process has taken place.
  • If you have wooden or tile flooring, these will need to my mopped once the cleansing process is completed. This is not because there will be debris/dirt but to aid in the energetic cleansing.


What are angels?

  • Angels are light beings who assist you from higher realms. Skye works with them as they are non-denominational and can be found in all non-traditional and traditional religious doctrines and texts throughout time. Angels work is used during the sessions to support readings and transformation. They are there to support us over and above our connection to the universe or whatever name we call it.


What is Spirit?

  • Spirit is the actual spirit of the loved one or person or animal that may have crossed over from the earth to the other side. During Psychic Medium or Medium sessions, they may come through to support you. Loved ones only come through with love during sessions and are there to offer love, support and give a message from the other side. There are different forms of spirit work, in Skye Orca’s practice, he continually works at developing himself as a medium only. Mediums are a bridge between this world and those who have crossed over and operate at a high level of code and ethics. Skye works with humans and animals during his Psychic Medium or Medium sessions.


Will I hear from my loved one in spirit?

  • During Psychic Medium or Medium sessions loved ones may come through to support the reading. It is important to note that sometimes the person may not come through and another person may show up. The medium must respect the energy that is coming through and deliver that message. After all, that spirit took all this effort to say hello, and it is a blessing that must be welcomed. The sitter does have a choice to decline if this is emotionally unsettling, but please note, that the reading will still be charged if this happens as the service from Skye was delivered.