Heart Coaching.

Your heart is the answer you are looking for.

Life may transform you, but your heart can always heal you.

The heart is an uncharted part of every human, and it is the last thing we listen to when feeling stuck, confused, indecisive, in pain, anxious, and in need of healing. This is because we don’t understand it, as we see it as only emotional and nothing else. True? Yes! Disconnect your heart, and you will disconnect the very source that makes you – YOU.


Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Feeling undecided and stuck with your goals and not able to move things forward.
  • Feeling like you are at crossroads and not sure which direction is the right direction for your life.
  • Feeling confused because you know what you want to do but you are just not doing it.
  • Feeling like the same patterns are manifesting in your life, relationships, and experiences.


If you are experiencing any of these – you are not alone. Many of us get burnt out, stressed to the max, deal with illness, want to be an entrepreneur, feel challenged by romantic failures, or stuck.


Why are you experiencing this you may ask?

I can tell you it is because you are not honouring what is within your own heart. Many of us have these types of experiences because we are blocked.  The heart stores more data about what is blocking us from experiencing life fully than we know -until we know. It is through discovering these unknowns that you can harness the power of your heart and take control of your path.


What is heart coaching and how does it work?

Heart Coaching is a powerful approach to unlocking your own abilities to transform your unknowns into knowns, giving you clarity to make focussed decisions to achieve your desires. With a clear heart, you will have a clear mind and from that point you will align with your desires. You will find self-reliance and resilience tools that will be priceless for the many paths you will take with your one heart.


What can you expect from each session?

  1.   We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear vision for you and what it is you desire.
  2.   You’ll uncover the unknowns that are sabotaging you from experiencing your vision or enquiry.
  3.   You will leave each session feeling challenged, energised, inspired and more work to do.

My story.

My own life and my training have taught me the importance of integrating/bridging the heart with important topics like life, purpose, romance, business, relationships, goals, illness, trauma, stress, confusion, grief, spirituality and wellbeing. It is through my own experience and daily practice that I create a space to partner with you to be coached in a way that works for you. I am and have always been a mirror to those around me and have become known as this in my coaching. Working with me – Your reflection will be reimagined.


Let’s work together.

Let me help you unlock your unknowns and unblock your true self by harnessing the power of heart. When you are connected to your heart, you are connected to a higher-vibrational state – better put – the best version of YOU. I also offer a list of other services that can be found on my website.

  • Book a 15 minute discovery session.

    1. During this 15-minute call, we will explore if we are the right fit for each other. I do not take on all clients as some may not be ready.

  • 2. Book 6 coaching sessions.

    We speak for one hour each for three weeks and take a break on the fourth week. The break is essential in our work together when working with your heart.

  • 3. We confirm session dates and times.

    Once session dates and times are agreed, the coaching will start. Each session will be conducted over Skype/WhatsApp/Facetime.

What my coaching clients had to say.

  • Meeting Skye was a blessing in disguise! He was very kind and gentle, informative and I sensed he was coming from a good place. Having reached out to him about a meeting, I feel like he has helped me with clarity at this point in my life and I’m happy to have found someone who seems genuine and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others; which seems hard to find these days! Thanks, Skye, I am grateful for the time you gave to me today and I pray more blessings will come your way! XXX

  • I've found Skye's readings and coaching very helpful in guiding me through difficult phases. They have played a critical role in helping me find the clarity and peace I needed to move forward at various stages in my own journey of self-discovery and doubts. They have stayed with me, and much of what spoke to me then still continues to speak to me now and looking ahead.

    Litha Bam
    Litha Bam
  • What can I not say about this beautiful soul, I went to have a reading with Skye on the 9th of July 2018 as I was dealing with a lot of pain & darkness in my life and I was dying to have my questions answered! To anyone who is reading this and is dealing with a lot, thinking about getting a reading please look no further, book appointment with Skye I promise you it will be one of your best ideas yet! Skye thank you for your kindness and for making me feel very special & comfortable😊😊😊 ❤

    Sabrina Chung
    Sabrina Chung
  • Skye is an incredible, kind person with a beautiful soul. He has helped me immensely through his great gift and ability to connect spiritually, and human to human. Skye's insights are always spot on. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a coach. He hs really helped coach me about spirituality and self-love.

    Asha Goodrich
    Asha Goodrich
  • I had never worked with a coach before. I wanted to work with someone who was gentle, and strong at the same time. I was working through relationship and life purpose issues and found Skye. He helped me understand my inner voice, and listen to my heart and define my vision for my career. I have since moved cities and met a wonderful man. However, this is not what I define as success, the success I had with his coaching has given me confidence in trusting my inner voice. I have named Skye - GEM.

    Chantel Dickerson
    Chantel Dickerson
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