Courage Candle


Scent profile:

An aromatic oriental scent.

Aroma therapeutic benefits

Our elixir candles are hand poured, using the highest quality 100% vegetable, natural soy wax. This candle contains 100% pure essential oils, such as Cardamom, Mandarin, Black pepper and Patchouli. The aromatic properties help motivate your sense of courage and confidence.

Crystal therapeutic benefits

This candle contains a Lapis Lazuli crystal chip. Described as the crystal of ancient royalty and transformation. It promotes courage and let your light shine in the world.

Angel therapeutic benefits

This candle is energetically charged with a sacred angelic symbol. The message is to stay focused, to lay the first stone to progress, and to honour the truth in your heart. Setbacks are minor delays and not the outcomes.

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Delivery and order time:

Elixir candles take 72 hours to pour and deliver in the UK. The price includes delivery to the UK and some European countries.

Candle contents:

Made from 100% Essential oils. These candles are Vegan Friendly, Kosher, Halaal, NOT tested on animals, they contain NO Palm Wax, Petroleum, Pesticides, or animal products. Burn time approx. 40 hours.

Placing an order:

To order please email


PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer. Payment needs to be made upfront for before ordering. Please make sure you read the shop policy for the terms of purchase.

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