Space Clearing London (includes kit and travel)


If you are experiencing abnormal activity in your home, energetic shifts or blocks, negative feelings, visions, if you have moved into a new home, or just want to clear out old energy; then this is a service that can assist you.

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How it works:

Upon booking, you will be sent more information on how to prepare. I will require one/ two hours within the space to clear energy. I will use smoke and put down a mixture clearing rocks to be swept out. You must switch off all smoke detectors during this session. As part of the process, I will be smudging you and may give you further instruction on how to clear away energy that is no longer serving you. You will need to clean your house afterwards and you will be guided to through away things that no longer serve you, so be open to the shift.


What is included:

I will bring everything that is needed, and the price will include my travel if the location is within Greater London. If your location is outside Greater London there will be an additional charge for travel.


If you have more questions feel free to contact me directly through the booking form or read the FAQ.


Payment and terms:

Payment must be made upon booking, either through PayPal or through a direct Bank Transfer. Please make sure you read the booking & shop policy to understand all the conditions.

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