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My Father passed on the 24th September 2015. That day my world changed, my human left me. I felt lost and devastated, believing that I would never recover. I was referred to Skye Orca, 2 months after his passing. As a desperate measure to receive some relief and know that my Dad had not left me. I made the appointment. I was hesitant as I had never made contact with a medium before.

My 7-year-old son had been diagnosed Epilepsy shortly after my father’s passing, another smash of bad news.  I was in and out of hospital with my son drowning in sorrow. My 7-year-old drowning in sorrow as my father stood in as his since his birth.

We set up a Skype meeting. What happened on that day blew my mind and the minds of all family and friends. It changed my view on the afterlife and altered my pain into one of acceptance. My father communicated with me giving me messages that were so personal and private, messages for my son, messages for me and answering questions my mother had asked me weeks prior that she had wished he was around to answer. Messages that only we would know.

Since my reading with Skye Orca, I now live knowing that we are merely spirit having a human experience. Spirit is energy and energy never leaves, it only transforms. Thanks to Skye Orca I now communicate with my Dad on a daily basis some days stronger than others.  But he is with me in signs, symbols and love. Thank you Skye Orca for your gift. You picked me up out of the depths of darkness with your profound work you do and I love and thank you for this gift.

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