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Everyone that books with me instantly gains access to my community. If you have any questions about your session or service you booked, please read my FAQ page, as well as my Booking Policy. Below you will find my four-step process to prepare for our session called OPEN. I look forward to being of service to you. Please do follow me on Instagram or through one of my other contact points. I am of course contactable on email and you will receive a transaction email with all these details as well.

It all starts with an Open Heart.

Open your heart.

Arrive with an open heart. It is important that you open your heart before arriving to get the most from your session energetically. You will know within the first five minutes if I am not the right fit for you, which gives you complete power over the session. To start the opening intention, put your left hand on your heart, and your right hand over your belly then say these words, “I trust my inner guidance system, and fully open my heart to this intuitive experience”.


Prep for your session.

If you are doing a face to face reading, make sure you plan your journey, and only arrive 5 minutes before your session as I may be closing off a session. For Skype readings download Skype for free here if you do not have it installed, once downloaded, please add skye.orca to your contacts. For Skype/telephone/Facetime calls prepare your space, make sure it is quiet, light a candle and burn some natural soothing smells, or add anything that will elevate the energy of the space for your reading. This is your time.


Establish your connection.

Before our session, make a connection and talk to with your guides/spirit/angels/higher-self. Whatever term you have for God energy, speak your mind and ask the questions you need the answers to.


Notice all the details

Taking notice before, during and after your reading is important. Before arriving notice signs, or repeated things. During our session, please do take notes, I encourage this as there will be a lot of information that will be transferred and somethings may not make sense to us during the reading.


How I work

As a psychic and medium, I use Oracle or psychic tarot cards to deliver messages clairvoyantly, as well as channel messages from spirit and angels through clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. In my practice I like to work closely with Angels as they are non-denominational, they deliver truth in positive ways, and always offer a solution you can start to work with right away. As a part of this session, I may use crystal therapy as a way of enhancing the healing session. Through mediumship, I act as a bridge between the physical world and the spirit world when the time is right, meaning I talk to spirit and spirit speaks through me. Spirit includes all sentient beings (humans and animals).  If you would like to know more, please read my FAQ.


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